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Taylor Dinkins

A Preservation of Memory

Copper, Steel Wool, Resin, Butterfly Wings
3" h x 2" w x 1" d



Artist Statement

This piece is a portrayal of the pain associated with my memories of my mother and my desire to protect them in spite of this. When worn, the weight of the pendant causes the steel wool chain to become taut against the skin which causes discomfort. I chose steel wool as my material for the chain of the necklace because I feel that it is an interesting way to physically represent the emotional pain that I have experienced since my mother’s death. My use of butterfly wings and resin is meant to represent my desire to preserve these memories. I chose an item, butterfly wings, that I associate with my mother and in its nature are extremely fragile and I put them in a substance that is long-lasting to preserve them. These materials work together to embody both the joy and pain surrounding precious memories and a desire to preserve them.


Taylor Dinkins is an artist currently based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She is an art studio major focusing in metalsmithing with minors in art history and photography at Coastal Carolina University. She will graduate in the spring of 2020.

 In 2019 Dinkins participated in the Pop In Pop Up Art Show at the Conway Beer and Music Festival displaying her work A Preservation of Memory. She was an artist assistant on a project for a bronze mascot statue for Coastal Carolina. In 2020 her work was on display at East Carolina University Material Topics Symposium. Dinkins is also a founding member and Secretary of the Student Artist Sculpture Society at Coastal Carolina. Some of her work is currently on display in the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts building at Coastal Carolina.