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Stephanie Dolan

DolanStephanie_untitled- (Brains).jpg

Untitled- (Brains)

Fabric, Thread, Batting

74.5" h x 42.5" w x .5" d


Artist Statement

My Work is about triggering a viewer's thought process outside of their own. Through liberal abstraction and by means of beautifying the perceived ugly, I create compositions contrasting their references and themes. Focusing on uncontrollable conditions, experiences and their disposed familial affects. Through a meticulous process I create work that challenges the veil of craft, unifying simple hard line abstraction and the complex imagery of the human biology and its struggles.
My work ranges from my own relatable environments in the military to studied and researched medical conditions, always focusing on experiences of others, always outside of my own. Through the process of piecing and appliqué of fabrics I construct shapes and lines inspired by the negative images that these issues produce. Teetering between the obvious quilt form and its painting presentation, my work explores the varying aspects of common craft and fine art. Leaving room for various opinions much as those propo


Stephanie Dolan was born in Los Angeles, California in 1989. After receiving her BS with Minor in Art from California State University Northridge, where some of her work was accepted in the annual student juried show. She is preparing to start her MFA in fall 2020. Currently serving in the United States Army and is residing in the Greater Los Angeles area.