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Casey Dressell

Infinite Particularity

latex house paint and embroidery on denim
30" h x 20" w  Inches

Artist Statement

My work is a simulacrum and response of my lived experiences. It derives from the chaotic transitions of life and the resulting responses to change, adaptation, and a reconnection back to nature. Paintings are elements of the everyday that allow freedom from burden and tools to aid in an understanding of the world. We inherently create our individual spaces, even in dire situations or with limited means, we can reconstruct meaning.

We create and invent systems of order and necessity for ourselves as we move through the world. It is this intuitive inventiveness I choose to celebrate. How we acclimate and adapt to our environments, the objects that we value and carry with us tell our stories of what it is to be human and is one more element that connects us together.


Casey Dressell is a practicing painter and installation artist living and working in Cincinnati Ohio. Her interests lie in the intersections of art, nature and the built environment. She teaches at Miami University and the University of Dayton, and is the exhibition coordinator at The Indian Hill Gallery in Cincinnati. Casey received a BFA at The University of Cincinnati and a MFA at Miami University. She has exhibited her work nationwide in shows in California, Michigan, and Massachusetts, including an outdoor installation at Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. In addition to her studio practice, Casey is passionate about learning, education, and helping the underprivileged in her community.