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Allie Ellis

Cheaper Cuts of Meat


41" h x 25" w x .25" d

Artist Statement

For the past six years, my artistic practice has focused on paper-based works. The most recent series I have been working on, entitled #MEAToo, focuses on the idea of consumption and selectivity in American culture and how that relates to both women and animal agriculture. That theme has carried over into this piece with the added layer of material and process. By replicating a fraternal order banner, I have further bucked the patriarchal reach by appropriating the male-dominated symbol. In addition, the use of machine embroidery has allowed me, as a woman and as an artist, to reclaim my time by having the machine do the laborious illustrative work.


Allie Ellis utilizes ephemera from the 1940’s to the 60’s, along with whatever other materials seem to strike her fancy, which gives her work a distinctive and playful tone.  While often the work can be seen as colorful and light, her pieces generally have a subtle melancholy undertone behind the whimsical wit.  That fine line between surface joy and subsurface tension is a key moniker in many of her pieces.