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Kelly Kroener

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Cotton french knots on linen

6" h x 11" w

Artist Statement

From an early age, by creating makeshift tree houses as safe places to let my imagination roam freely and draw in the forest. To this day, I keep up this practice of working out internalized concerns by putting them into visual tactile form. Today this takes the form of regenerating post-industrial fabrics through draping, dyeing, sewing and embroidering. I try to release tension from their seams of utility, and introduce a new fluidity, made beautiful by the pull of gravity.  

From these methods, I try to persuade people to think conscientiously about the cause and effect of their actions on the climate, animals and  each other. As each stitch, or slice of scissors is one action that has impressions on how the art is conceived, so are everyday actions on our environment.  My work strives to inspire an inward search as to how we define ourselves, culture and species in the Anthropocene.


A native of South West rural Ohio, Kroener studied sculpture and fashion at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While in school, she studied draping and pattern-making applying her sensibilities of line to the body and the meanings these create in society. Since her graduation in 2010, she has taught visual arts classes for underserved students and has made it a prerogative to be a force of vitality in her neighborhood’s life, while developing her fiber based studio practice. In 2015, she was the recipient of the Kimburgh award from the Dallas Museum of Art. Her work has been reviewed in arts publications, such Art in America.  Currently, she lives in Cincinnati, where she works and runs Basketshop, an exhibition space with her partner Eli Walker.