Susan Lenz

White Collar Installation

Fibers: Found antique white collars and thread

60" h x 42" w x 2" d



Description: Forty-five antique white collars on which words/phrases have been stitched, including Corporate Scandal, Shirt & Tie Guy, From a Good Family, Corruption Charges, Salaried Not Hourly, etc.

Artist Statement

As a visual artist using found objects, I work in partnership with my materials to articulate the accumulated memory inherent in discarded things. Because time is short and days are numbered, my hope is for something I’ve made to be kept, regarded as quality, and mark my existence on earth.


Susan Lenz describes herself as the daughter of German immigrants, a soul mate of a wife, a failed mother, a homeowner, an avid traveler, a custom picture framer, a non-practicing Catholic, a college graduate, and the servant to an adorable cat. 
Yet, she is first and foremost, an artist.
Using needle and thread, Susan works with an overall theme toward a mixed media installation. She stitches both by hand and machine and indulges a passion for book arts and 3D found art objects. Altering found photos is an obsession. In another life, Susan is convinced she was a kidnapper whose fixation with letters snipped from assorted, antique ephemera continued into her current life and studio practice.
Susan’s work has appeared in national publications and juried exhibitions and at fine craft shows including the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Smithsonian Craft Shows. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Textile Museum in Washington, DC and the McKissick Museum in South Carolina. Susan is represented by the Grovewood Gallery in Asheville, and her solo shows and installations have been mounted all over the country.