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Jennifer Markowitz

Fleshmap Panel #4:
"Los Angeles, February-June 1986"

Hand Embroidery

20" h x 12" w x .5" d



Description: Hand Embroidered on Cotton Voille.  Part of 16 piece series titled "Fleshmap: My Embroidered Bipolar Geographies".

Artist Statement

In my series, Fleshmap: My Embroidered, Bipolar Geographies, I use thread to circumnavigate my own bipolar disorder by mapping the geography of memory in all its disarray and confusion. Through relentless re-visits of intimate terrains, I have mapped a life frequently interrupted by mental illness. I am now transfixed by encounters with absence and presence.  Specifically, I’m gripped by the mysterious traces our bodies leave behind within garments and how embroidery can reveal those private territories.


Jennifer Markowitz is a textile artist whose work has been shown at CAM (Contempoary Art Museum), VAE Raleigh, The National Humanities Center and the Weems Art Gallery.  She is a recipient of the Emerging Artist Residency at Artspace in North Carolina, the United Arts Career Development Grant, and the Brightwork Fellowship at Anchorlight where her first solo exhibition, “Fleshmap: My Bipolar Embroidered Geographies”, showed in November 2019.  Before turning to textiles, Jennifer spent 25 years directing environmental theatre throughout the US, England, Scotland, Ireland and Israel.  In England, where she received her M.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Warwick, she formed a site-based theatre company called Trema and directed productions throughout the UK.

Jennifer has taught Performance Theory, Acting, Directing, Theatre, Site-Based theatre and Postdramatic Theatre in the UK at the universities of Warwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Portsmouth and Plymouth.. In the US, she taught at DePaul University, Columbia College Chicago and University of Notre Dame.