MirusKim_Glacial Trend - Fifty Years - 2
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Kim Mirus

Glacial Trend - Fifty Years

Handwoven wool and cotton

13" h x 13" w x 2" d



Artist Statement

After researching our changing climate firsthand through an artist residency expedition near the North Pole, Kim created this woven body of work in response to retreating glaciers, declining ice masses, and incremental sea level rise as visual symbols of our impact on the world around us. Kim was struck by the amount of plastic and garbage from all over the world that washes up on these extremely remote islands in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, and by how quickly the landscape there is transforming. The pieces in this Arctic series are each handwoven with sustainable fibers and are informed by data about places never inhabited by humans that are nonetheless being directly affected by the rapidly changing environment.


Kim Mirus is an artist, educator, and craftsperson currently weaving visualizations of environmental and social statistics using traditional craft techniques. Working at the intersection of art and science, Kim strives to subtly embed scientific data in new visual contexts. Kim earned a BFA in Crafts, a BA in Art Education, and a National Board Certification for teaching art. Kim has had the privilege to teach courses at Penland School of Craft, The Crucible, and soon at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Kim has received various weaving scholarships and awards, and has completed artist residencies across the US, internationally, and in the Arctic to inform this data-driven woven work.