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Sarah Pramuk

Balaclava Triptych Detail Shots

Wool Yarn

19" h x 20" w x 6" d



Artist Statement

Pramuk’s recent Balaclava works represent the unseen women makers in fibrous media who work across the world in textile mills, factories, and even fiber artists studios, in addition to the women makers working at home.


My practice asserts traditional crafting as a radical statement. Historically, textile and fiberous work has been dismissed as domestic crafts; activities performed by women while they are taking care of the home or the family. As an artist, I want to both embrace the storied tradition of domestic crafts such as knitting while simultaneously challenging and confronting the viewers preconceived notions of the validity and merit of such skills. The art of knitting has been passed down from mother to daughter in my family for seven generations, such a craft has been integral to the close bond between all the women in my family. Is this not the function of art? To bring people together and inspire future generations, in this sense I believe that domestic crafts like knitting are an exemplary art form. My works stakes a claim for women makers everywhere: from those laboring in artist studios to those operating at home.