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Priscilla Roggenkamp

Disruption Triptych


17" h x 36" w x 1" d



Artist Statement

My sculptural work stems from the recognition that much about human nature and experience can be expressed by tapping into a universal understanding of clothing, fabric and its many contexts.  We share memories and associations with clothing and fabric as signifiers and as a tactile experience.

Some of my clothing sculptures are forms that are impossible to inhabit.  They help develop the idea that we are sometimes asked to become something that we can’t easily take on.  We are pressed into roles that change us into something new; sometimes a change for the better and sometimes changes that we need to reconcile with or recover from.

Some of the sculptures are about the process of making.  Slowly weaving a form out of nothing put ‘string’ also speaks about how we develop and change in increments.  These processes inform as well as create.  There is both tedium and delight in the making of this work.  This could be said of the making of a life as well.


Priscilla Roggenkamp is an artist and teacher living in Alliance, Ohio and teaching at Ashland University.

She studied art at Kent State University (M.F.A.), University of Arkansas (M.Ed.) and Heidelberg College (B.A.). 

Her artwork moves in two directions.  Fiber-based sculptural works that relate to human concerns and often consider what we carry in life.  And two-dimensional works that relate to nature, time and place and most often lean toward abstraction.

She has shown her work in a variety of places such as Chicago’s Woman Made Gallery, the Canton Museum of Art, the Brogan Museum in Florida and internationally in The Western Galilee, Israel.  She curated an exhibition related to the play Romeo and Juliet and a textile exhibition called The Threads That Bind.  In 2015 she attended a residency at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, ME.