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Evian Zukas-Oguz


Fiber (acrylic yarn)

28" h x 24" w x .75" d




Description: Knit on a hand-powered knitting machine using two colors of acrylic yarn. Mounted on stretcher bars, ready to hang.

Artist Statement

For the past couple of years, I have been working on a series of knit "paintings" derived from my photography.  I concentrate on macro photography and microscopic photography, finding the beauty in the natural patterns and designs that are present throughout nature. I don't try to replicate the photograph, but rather try to capture the feeling of the light, shadow, and form of the photograph.   I then translate this into a knitting, attempting to capture the feeling of the image using only two colors of yarn.


I have had a passion for fibers my entire life.  I first learned the art of knitting and crocheting at the young age of eight.  I found my passion for weaving while an art major at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.  I later transferred to The Rhode Island School of Design, where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Textiles.  After graduation, I worked in the industry as a jacquard designer, designing woven fabrics for upholstery and interiors.  Feeling held back creatively, I left the industry and started working full-time as a studio artist.  I am currently dabbling in many aspects of fiber art, but mainly concentrating on designing and knitting with a hand-powered knitting machine.  My studio is currently located in Greenville, Pennsylvania.